What I wanted to be told before it was too late

This song ain't about your sex, sugar
no no you know it's good
tell me 'bout what's keepin' you up at night
why you're so misunderstood.
Did you spend all your money
are you sick
are you guilty in some hell?
Did you hurt someone?
I can take it
i'm here if you need to tell
when you're ready
Did they tell you you're not interesting?
You're so full of color they're a damn lie!
Did you fall into your put again?
Well ypu know it's just a matter of time until you get out!
Oh! Did you have to cut us off?
Was it more than you could bear?
We were not your children but you taught us well
and when u think you can
I'll be waiting for you
You'll get back to me won't you?
When you're ready
please don't keep it to yourself
I can't help you till you're ready
When you're ready...