Shut down your eyes while leaving

So you left.

But you never considered the tears.

Not the feverish tears.

Just the tears, those swarms of oceanly bees
which played on us like a theft.

So you forgot the heart
that thing, that forgotten world
that fears.

Because we were the seas
of empty islands
and fleeting starts.

Because we were
the choiceless fates
the glowing darts
of heaven gone blue.

So you left.

And we were mates no more.
just a growing gentle hue
a fading light of yore.

So you left.

And I keep whatever glimpse of true
remains in the shade of threads,
the poet's threads, you see,
those puny little marvels
you morphed to shreds,

when you
when we
were burglars in love
while we
played thieves on a whim
and then

you left again again,
again again,
again again,

jazz went dark on us and we are no longer groove.

And you threaded heavily on my dreams,
just as he cautioned in our sleep.

It was the almighty spark we lost that
because you took it from
and I took a dark passenger from

So you are no longer there and
these letters are echoes.
I am departed to glowing shores,
searching for a treasure trove which may conceal
whether -me or -you or -us or -never -please
-stories -told -goawaywhileyouarestillaliveinme,
I don't know. But I'll search, for your sake,
in the wake of your fading in me.

So you left. And it is dark. And we no longer see,
we may only look,
with a single eye closed.